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Long-Term solutions for Treatment-Resistant Symptoms

Depression, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, and mood swings can come from a wide variety of causes. Comprehensive integrative psychiatric care can show the root causes of these symptoms and map a path to well-being and resilience, all while relying minimally on medications. We aim to alleviate pain and address the underlying root causes. Our clients do not want to take a medication long-term or to mask symptoms. They want personalized medical care tailored to their specific needs.

What people are saying about our ketamine program

“Friends and family have commented on a sharp decline in negative views and expressing negative thoughts. Events often flow more easily and more positive scenarios present themselves. I still work at this every day, but there is now a measurable payoff for my efforts. And there is a positive snowball effect. It has been very apparent that I was actively running my thought process to increase the depression, even though this was unintentional and not desired. This I know was a result of the ketamine. For me, ketamine helped expand my mind. I caution that it’s not a panacea and requires work, but it is a partner in the heavy lifting that is required to move forward. When used in conjunction with mind/body work, journaling, traditional therapy, medication, yoga, motivational speaking and other positive forms of self-growth ketamine has allowed me to more significantly and more rapidly shift my mindset to one of positivity and hope.” 
Integrative PsychiatryKetamine Assisted Therapy

We Prefer Natural Treatments

Wherever possible, the most natural treatments will be recommended. We regard medications as a catalyst for deeper work, and not as a complete stand-alone treatment.

Emphasis on Psychotherapy

Various medical studies have shown its superior effectiveness versus medication treatments in all but the most severe situations. The synergy of medication and psychotherapy can provided an effective combination early in recovery.

Cultivating Lasting Well-Being

Full-blown psychiatric disorders are most often caused by unmitigated chronic stress. We will help you develop the skills to be able to face challenges and overcome them, while we are addressing current symptoms.

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founder and leadership

Our Medical Director

Will Van Derveer, MD

After attending Vanderbilt University for medical school, Will came to Colorado for residency training in psychiatry at the University of Colorado. He opened his private practice in 2002, and has been in practice in Boulder ever since. Will is board-certified by the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. His passion is finding effective relief from psychological suffering using a vast array of the most natural approaches possible. In addition to traditional medical training, he has have received training in mediation instruction, shamanism, and various psychotherapies.

Successful treatments often include addressing imbalances from a variety of different perspectives, from the ground up. Beginning with diet and lifestyle habits, mindfulness training, optimization of gut functioning, treating hormone imbalances and signs of chronic stress, his aim is to address root causes. His experience as a member of a research team conducting Phase 2 and Phase 3 double blind randomized controlled clinical trials of a novel treatment for chronic treatment PTSD ( – further reinforced his conviction that everyone can heal and achieve well-being.

Will’s role at IPHC is medical director, psychotherapist, and psychiatrist, and he no longer provides medication-only treatments. His practice is limited to people seeking weekly psychotherapy with integrative mindfulness-based psychiatry.

our Mental Health Team

Elizabeth Cordes, DO

Integrative Psychiatrist

Guili Zavaschi, MA

Gestalt Therapy, Mindfulness
Wilderness Therapy, Functional Family Therapy

Katie Markley, MA

Naropa University, Transpersonal Psychology
Psychedelic Sitters School, Medicinal Mindfulness
EMDR Trained

The Future of Psychiatry is Now

Will Van Derveer, MD delivers a powerful talk in partnership wtih Janet Settle, MD titled The Future of Psychiatry is NOW.

Through sharing his journey around the discovery of functional approaches to develop a toolkit as a different way to provide treatment.

By fine-tuning the approach to Integrative Psychiatry over the last 15 years, these pioneers have discovered a more impactful approach to Psychiatry.

on the forefront of integrative psychology

Research and Teachings from Our Team

Prying open the third eye

This summer, Cameron McArthur sat in a clinic in Denver, an infusion pump slowly introducing ketamine to his bloodstream. As the drug worked its way through his veins to his brain, Cameron experienced a sensation of unfurling, “like a time lapse video of a flower...

Treating depression—an expert discusses risks, benefits of ketamine

Up to a third of patients with depression don't respond to traditional forms of treatment. For those patients, the dark fog that hovers over their lives feels like it will never lift. But a new treatment called ketamine has recently made waves all over the internet....

Love for the Amygdala

Mind experiences reality through ordinary and non-ordinary perception. Brain, however, is limited in perception to the 5 ordinary senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. Non-ordinary perceptions include dream imagery, gut feelings, intuition, synchronicities, and...

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