Intake Process for Integrative Psychiatric Healing Center



Collaboration and Participation
Integrative care is a collaborative process requiring people to participate and actively commit to their health and healing.

Scope of Service
We do not treat patients with schizoaffective disorders, schizophrenia, or psychosis.

We do not work with patients who are actively addicted to drugs or alcohol.



IPHC does not accept insurance, including medicaid and medicare.

IPHC does not offer traditional medication management.

Refills are provided during appointments only.

We have a 3 business day cancellation policy.

Due to the business of the office, we require patients to have a working and established voicemail system that allows us to leave messages.

Call for Next Steps

In reading the above, do you qualify for treatment and understand our policies?  If so, please contact us directly for next steps and to schedule an appointment.

(303) 260-9685